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About Us

LAS Engineering was founded with humble beginnings in early 2018 after identifying the need for a value-added integrated engineering services firm that can ensure sufficient planning processes and service delivery in order to achieve a client’s desired result(s) most efficiently while being cost-effective – with a primary focus on the commercial and industrial sectors.

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Our Mission

To deliver efficient integrated value engineering consulting and planning services to our clients based on trust.


Our vision through combining long-trusted resources, with a value-added consulting engineering firm, allow for us to provide our clients with a full turnkey solution on project planning, execution and facilities management.

What we do

LAS Engineering provides integrated value engineering services and excels in designing, engineering, and maintaining capital-efficient facilities. These factors are combined with the latest technologies and global best-practices to produce world-class, customised client solutions for the commercial, industrial, manufacturing, mining, energy (electrical power) and automation industries.

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