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About Us

Who we are

LAS Engineering was founded with humble beginnings in early 2018 after identifying the need for a value-added integrated engineering services firm that can ensure sufficient planning processes and service delivery that achieve a client’s desired result(s) most efficiently while being cost-effective – with a critical focus on the commercial and industrial sectors.

While we strive to continue in growth, we never forget our humble beginnings and the initial foundation on which the company was founded. Our success through expansion has been primarily based on our ability to offer value-added, integrated engineering services; building strong bonds with our clients on a base of trust and timeous service delivery – putting our clients first through ensuring that we understand their people as well as operational needs.

LAS understands that time is money for a client’s operation. We thus strive to deliver efficient consulting and planning services to our clients based on trust. Spend a cost-effective amount of time with us; detailing your requirements. Leave the rest up to us. We will deliver all engineering, planning and cost estimates to you-ensuring that your project can run smoothly. Where necessary, we can facilitate total EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) execution of these activities and/ or offer Project Management services to safeguard your requirements for the duration of your project(s).

Knowing that we can facilitate and support the above services, who is better to partner with than a technically competent firm – to manage your facilities on a technical forefront. LAS appreciates that in current times; to find suitably experienced and technically qualified individuals is time-consuming and more importantly, adds to the client’s resource pool and resulting overheads. By the time a full engineering/ projects/ maintenance unit(s) that adheres to existing standard accreditations, along with the necessary support staff and management systems are in place, it becomes a costly exercise to have a potentially standby operational unit that does not necessarily work at all times.

In current economic times, it is difficult to boast such a fully operational unit(s) that achievetheir intended purpose. However, while a business can retrospectively be seen as unaffected through the lack of such functional units; it can be expected that day-to-day integrated engineering and maintenance challenges will not be secluded from the client’s operating infrastructure – long term effects continuously brew. Inevitably, this results in an unnecessary lack of operational security, resulting in potential OPEX and CAPEX challenges respectively. While traditional facilities management firms have been in existence to cover minor maintenance and cleaning of facilities, it is increasingly difficult to find a new value-focused firm that can provide reliable, up-to-date service offerings to meet the growing modernization  needs within the manufacturing and industrial industries.

LAS strives to address each of our client’s individual needs, building trusted relationships through efficient and trusted service delivery, continuous relationship development and ensuring that we understand each of our customer’s unique requirements down to the tee. While we boast ever-growing expertise – we, as a company, never forget that at the end of the day, our clients are the masters of their trades. We thus always strive to keep our clients happy and satisfied so that they are comfortable with what we are able to our service range. We pride ourselves in never making a customer feel as though we neglect their needs or expertise and endeavour to keep our operations and services simple, humble and resourceful for all to understand.

Our vision through combining long-trusted resources, with a value-added consulting engineering firm, allow for us to provide our clients with a full turnkey solution on project planning, execution and facilities management. The key benefits which we strive to achieve, to name but a few are:

  1. Vital, prevalent technical expertise is available on-demand, along with on-going, developed historical overall-sound knowledge of our client’s facilities.
  2. Services are provided on-demand, reducing the need for the client to have the burden of establishment costs and operational expenditure. On top of this, we offer them the security of knowing that their assets, technological standards, processes and business interests are protected at all times.
  3. Turnkey administrative management is provided in-line with the client’s quality management systems and internal requirements.
  4. A full understanding of all engineering specifications, standards and requirements allow for quick turnaround times, reducing standing time and the unforeseen dedicating of client resources to facilitate communications between different parties.
  5. Having an outsourced, central control point of control between engineering, construction, maintenance and related project management that reports directly to the client’s EXCO, ensures accountability in meeting deadlines within current as well as planned future facilities.
  6. The client is relieved of the qualms of worry and time associated with the minor support functions and struggles – knowing that they are being properly handled. These resources can thus remain entirely focused on process optimisations and improvements, planning and focusing on key performance targets and deliverables, which form the core set of expertise and respect established in the market by our clients.
  7. Tailored reports and statistical analyses on the performance of the client’s infrastructure will ensure that preventative maintenance/future planning and engineering can be expedited, downtime minimised substantially, costs and expenditure strictly controlled and limited within budget, with EXCO knowing at all times what is going on.

We, as a company, are continuously under development to better our service offerings. We endeavour to always build trusted relationships and grow business opportunities through investing in new companies, partnerships and most importantly, our staff. We understand that people are always the key in any business, and try to better our team through training and development – building a better future for them as people, our company and as a result our service delivery potential to our client base.

While we, like all people, may not always have the answers immediately, we pride ourselves in being open and honest. We carry out the necessary tasks to deliver answers and suitable solutions to our clientele timeously. We look forward to making your acquaintance and developing a prosperous relationship of trust with you and your operation(s).

LAS Engineering values all engineering process by incorporating multidisciplinary teams to develop creative, well-supported and fully documented solutions. We assist you in identifying critical aspects of a project, generate ideas to deliver those aspects and functions, and evaluate those ideas and issues through the lens of value: to maintain the ratio of function to cost.

Many project teams experience uncertainty in determining the best possible approach to a problem. We bring with us the relatively new approach of Integrated Value Engineering (IVE) which uses matrices to combine target costing and value engineering. The approach currently uses manufacturing costs to find optimisation potentials surrounding the requirement’s  value while evaluating different concepts for  new or existing client challenged and requirements.

We have strengthened our approach and processes with an array of advanced tools, techniques and academic research. This has enabled us to offer a more comprehensive service to project managers, assembly supervisors, plant manages, controls engineers etc.

The company’s team of motivated and experienced staff can undertake any project, large or small, and provides services over the full life cycle of any project. This includes Concept and Viability Planning, Feasibility Studies, Master Planning and Development Frameworks, Detailed Designs, Contract Administration and Construction Monitoring.

We understand that infrastructure suffers damage over time as well as unexpected exposure to the elements and/or production environment specific pollutants which may cause system failures or an unfortunate accident. Our integration of risk analysis with the value engineering process can also help ensure that the functions sought by the project directly address critical uncertainties in-line with our client’s expectations and historical concerns/ experience.

We always maintain our flexible and collaborative approach to managing our clients’ projects, including facilities. Our consistent focus on delivering high-quality, fit-for-purpose designs has secured our reputation as a trusted leader in facilities and electrical engineering.

People and Management

LAS has key professional employees who boast the level of expertise needed to find unique solutions to every technical challenge. While it is difficult to have permanent in-house specialists, to meet every possible client requirement, we utilise and are supported by contracted engineers, technicians and technologists as well project administrative support personnel who are selected to meet project-specific requirements over and above the dedicated team of staff who run the company’s day-to-day operations.

Ongoing professional development, research and development and staff expansion ensure that the company stays abreast with the latest technological developments in the field. Along with a dedicated and trusted network of professionals, we strive to cater to our client’s every technical need.

Do you want to learn more about our services? No problem, transparency is key to a productive partnership and we are happy to share more.

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