LAS power-factor-correction-basics

Understanding Power Factor Correction Basics

Author: L.J Marais

The African market requires power factor solutions as electricity costs rise. This rise in cost, while commodity prices decrease, has resulted in commercial and industrial sectors looking to optimize power output within their facilities. This optimization will reduce monthly facility overheads expenditure, allowing industry to present with better margins.

LAS surge-arresters

Internal White Paper on the selection and classification of Surge Arresters

Author: L.J Marais

During day to day operations, the company’s sales department is required to quote customers on surge arrester based protection, to be incorporated into Medium Voltage switchgear solutions at distribution level; protecting the clients’ “end-user reticulation infrastructure.” This paper serves to define the classifications and applications of surge arresters, as well as to define an adequate “standard offering specification” to quote to client’s. It is critical that this standard offering be suitable across a broad spectrum of varying solution scheme characteristics. This ensures system protection in the event that no specifications are provided by the client/their affiliated engineer(s), which is currently a concern of the sales department in terms of offering the most technically correct solution.

LAS waste-handling

Investigation into turnkey organic waste handling solutions for various South African sectors

Author: L.J Marais

Certain select-residential, commercial, select-industrial, select-agricultural and select-service delivery sectors have several requirements and benefits from effective organic waste management services within South Africa. There is currently a gap in the market place for the implementation of redefined, optimized organic waste management with no immediate threats regarding competition being identifiable, based on the process approached, discussed in this document.

LAS risk management

A new outlook on Modern Business Risk Management Practices in Engineering and Technology Development Environments

Author: L.J Marais

Over the past several years, conventional, strategic risk management practices have come under fire. Since this initial scrutiny, traditional methods have become outdated for implementation and use in modern, successful business management structures. This paper discusses why this has become the case, and proposes a new strategic risk management methodology for modern business.

LAS establishing-engineering-test-certificates

Establishing Engineering Test Certificates

Author: L.J Marais

A test certificate is the document that validates the process of product certification. This certification process is intended to certify that a manufactured product has passed performance and quality assurance tests, while meeting qualifications stipulated in contracts, regulations and/or specifications.