Automation and Control

Designing systems and services in buildings (BMS – Building Management Systems) and industries (SPM – Special Purpose Machines). We offer design and certain manufacturing/ implementation services in-house and can, where necessary, specify and source SPM’s depending on the client’s individual needs.

Computer simulation is utilised for the evaluation of energy-optimisation as well as to evaluate specific control systems to meet required targets. We are also focused on turnkey solutions comprising networking, SCADA/ HMI systems with Gateways as necessary to meet client requirements. Development of custom SCADA/ OMS functionalities and applications.

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LAS Engineering works closely with clients in all stages of the project to determine the optimal level of improvements and to minimise a negative impact of adaptation to the new methodologies. We help you to automate the processes, while ensuring the most optimal, and suitable level of automation required. We will assist you through all phases of automation implementation.

We develop documented packages that enable improved process technology. We also make use of uncertainty analysis to understand process operability better, evaluate process margins to help make rational decisions to suit the application. Through partnering with LAS, you are sure to get software functionality, automation and control services for your process needs.

Do you want to learn more about our services? No problem, transparency is key to a productive partnership and we are happy to share more.

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