Electrical Simulation, Measurement and Modelling

We utilise state of the art modelling software for distribution and lighting requirements, allowing us to take on projects where we are responsible for the development, detailed design, and project management during the construction phase.

Further, we have a competent base of certified installation electricians who independently review installations for certification as well as specialist Pr. Eng.’s who are contracted in as and when required to review and approve designs to meet client requirements as necessary.

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LAS Electrical-Simulations_Measurement-&-Modeling

We are proficient in electrical simulations and modelling from the development phase until construction completion, and can offer detailed cable schedules, BOM (Bill of Materials), and calculation reports on new and existing infrastructure. Further, we deliver network analysis using high-quality Power Quality Analysers which allow for us to define network characteristic and where necessary define PFC and Harmonics requirements to meet customer-specific needs.

Our experienced and professional team works with the latest best practice software to design and model power, automation, control and lighting systems, delivering innovative and cost-effective solutions for your electrical systems. We have completed a significant number of distribution projects where we were responsible for the detailed design, development and project management during construction.

Do you want to learn more about our services? No problem, transparency is key to a productive partnership and we are happy to share more.

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