Integrated Engineering Services

Our responsibilities include the project management of the concept and definition phases of a project through to the the co-ordination and integration of all related systems, along with their associated engineering and multi-disciplinary activity requirements.

Having primary expertise in Electrical Engineering, we use state of the art modelling, design and simulation software to evaluate new and existing systems, plan and simulate additional changes to such systems, or to define completely new installations, including the integration of Renewable Energy Solutions. This includes a computer-simulated lighting design to meet project-specific requirements.

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Further, we also provide complete Power Quality Analyses to identify client-specific issues/concerns, which are in turn reported on and either used during the design process, or to specify and design systems such as PFC (Power Factor Correction) and Harmonic Filtration to stabilise client’s infrastructure onsite while optimising concerns around Maximum Demand.

Through dedicated and trusted partnerships, we further offer civil and structural design services along with customer-specific mechanical related engineering services such as HVAC, Piping, Chiller and Cooling Tower System Design. Using our extensive experience, we can supply practical, innovative and cost-effective solutions for all of your mechanical systems needs.

Our well-experienced team handles the operations and maintenance of infrastructure for generation, transmission and all distribution systems. We are qualified to do upgrades and work with asset owners to deliver turnkey services. Our experience in the field makes us ready to provide reliable and trustworthy solutions and recommendations.

Do you want to learn more about our services? No problem, transparency is key to a productive partnership and we are happy to share more.

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