Automatic Voltage Regulation

10kVA Industrial 3-Phase Voltage Regulation Solution

Scope of Work

Our client was experiencing voltage fluctuations on a newly installed production line. This resulted in havoc with the electronic instrumentation and damaged several Variable Speed Drives. The key issue was that the manufacturer refused to replace equipment as results showed that the damage was due to inconsistent, fluctuating power supply. (The issues were experienced within 1 – 2 months of installation of the new production line).

The Solution

LAS was called in to assess the situation. After taking key readings and establishing the tolerance requirements, LAS integrated a 10kVA Automatic Voltage Regulating system on the main supply feeding the production line to resolve the problems experienced. The entire process is automatic, and the client easily views key data from the unit’s front panel as well as using the power metering solution located on the production line master panel.

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