Customized Laboratory

Customised 17-Station Special Purpose Training Laboratory

Scope of Work

LAS was approached to look into the supply of air and electricity to multiple stations in a newly established laboratory for training purposes. After careful consideration of the final layout and requirements, LAS proposed a solution and proceeded with the installation once approved by our client.

The Solution

LAS installed power skirting which facilitated the plug points as well as air points. A dedicated three-phase, suitably protected supply was included to supply the laboratory requirements. LED monitoring lights were also installed in the laboratory to ensure that the power status to the lab could always be monitored, to quickly identify and rectify an issue which may arise during operation.

Standard 16A RSA 3-Pin Industrial Single-phase plugs were installed and supplied with a 16A industrial rubber plug top to ensure that equipment being installed would have the right plug point readily available for installation. All the plug sockets are switched to ensure safe exchanging.

8mm quick-release male air quick-couplers were installed at each station point to supply the station. A 1m 8mm, polyethylene patch hose was also supplied for easy interfacing with equipment on the station. The laboratory was supplied form a tapping in the local main airline, using special purpose 22mm ø rubber hose over approximately 30m. The laboratory has a main air shut-off valve for safety and control. The line included a water-trap filter to remove any water residue from the main line. A pressure gauge was also installed for local monitoring of air pressure, and to quickly and easily identify any problems with the supply or outlets from a central point of control.

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