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Durban Plant Electrical, Process and Instrumentation Evaluation and Modelling

Scope of Work

The client’s Durban plant suffered a natural flooding disaster several years ago. While they recovered operations in record time, certain documentation surrounding the electrical and process instrumentation systems within the plant were destroyed.

The Solution

After developing a good relationship with the client’s international engineering team, LAS was contracted in to assist with the onsite evaluation of the entire facility for over a month. During this time LAS produced a full electrical model of the entire installation as well as provided updated As-Built Single Line Drawings to the client on the electrical side of their facility.

This allows them to have documented drawings which are also stored in the soft-copy format moving forward to ensure all maintenance and technical staff have a detailed picture of the distribution network within the facility. Further, the live model of the facility, ensure that LAS can facilitate record turn-around times on future planning of the facility by adjusting this model in real-time to evaluate expansion/operational changes timeously to define revised drawings, calculation reports and BOMs to assist the client with the execution process of upcoming planned expansion projects across various areas of the plant.

Further LAS worked closely with a specialist engineer from the client’s India based Head Office in order evaluate and produce P&ID As-Built drawings which are accurate and reflect the exact utility plant’s and reticulation networks’, control philosophies, instrumentation and piping throughout the facility for air, cooled water and chilled water. Again, these drawings were submitted to the client, and are instrumental in future planning of expansions as well as upgrading and modernizing the aged plant to meet new operational requirements.

This project is on-going – LAS is consulting with the engineering teams overseas, the client locally and is currently involved in the planning of facility expansions.

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