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Rosslyn Plant New Utilities Upgrade and New Machine Bay Installation using International Standardized Internal Company Design Concepts

Scope of Work

LAS was contracted by the client in late 2019 to evaluate the requirements for a new Injection Moulding Machine Bay Installation as well as for the new design of a utility’s distribution and motor control centre to meet their required expansion and upgrading of the existing utilities plant. The client provided stringent local and international standards to which the design had to comply, which was maintained by LAS throughout the entire design process. The client required a new, modernized solution that met international standard practices across their facilities worldwide for their machine bays, which was carefully planned with the client’s engineering team during the visit to South Africa.

The Solution

The current LV Substation was at capacity. LAS designed 2, 1250A extension panels to be added to their existing 2500A LV Substation Bus-Section to meet the project requirements. These panels were designed using withdrawable ACBs each rated at 1250A. The panels boasted Incomer Power and Phase Indication, as well as breaker status.

The new machine bay panel was designed as a “per bay” solution. This concept is new to the facility and caters for the main machinery, all ancillary machinery and any special purpose machine which may be required from time-to-time as production requirements change. The panel is fed from one of the extensions as mentioned above, panels to a 1250A Local Main MCCB. From here an 800A MCCB feeds the main machinery, with 3x 80A MCCB’S and 3x 100A MCCB’s catered for to meet ancillary and special purpose machine requirements.

A further 800A MCCB was catered for to allow the client the future capacity on another machine bay which would be fed from the local panel following a cascaded system philosophy. Based on client stringent internal requirements to meet international standards, LAS’ design was also sent through to International Key role players based in India and the UK for review and approval. LAS’ design was successfully approved for implementation and tender processing.

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